Landowner Resources

NH SFI Implementation Committee (NHSIC) supports numerous New Hampshire landowner workshops annually. Although geared to landowners, these workshops are open to anyone wanting to attend and generally attract a diverse audience. This is by design as the NHSIC believes the more quality education delivered to those who own, manage and have an interest in the state’s forest the better. And because many of these programs attract community officials and organizations that own land (i.e. town forests) these workshops help satisfy the SFI principle of broadening the practice of sustainable forestry on all lands through community involvement. See Current landowner training classes.

UNH Cooperative Extension Mud Season and Black Fly Breakfasts

NH SFI Implementation Committee provides funding for student to attend the Granite State Division of the New England Society of American Foresters annual meeting. Professors, teachers, and students interested in seeking a scholarship to attend this meeting should contact the NH SFI Implementation Committee Coordinator, Jasen Stock at

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Managing Your Forest

There are many important considerations for forest landowners in New Hampshire. An excellent resource for you is Good Forestry in the Granite State: Recommended Voluntary Forest Management Practices for New Hampshire (GFGS). This guide provides landowners and the professionals who work with them practical recommendations and information on a wide variety of forest resources. The topics below include links to individual sections of GFGS that you may find helpful as you manage your woodlot.

Protecting Water Quality through Best Management Practices (BMP) 



Timber harvests can have a significant visual impact both for you as the landowner and for others. Understanding what to expect and planning for visual impact will help you have a successful harvest.

Habitat Management

Understanding the types of habitat on your property and planning your harvest to enhance them.

NH Forest management laws and rules

Understanding the laws and roles when harvesting timber on your property

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