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SFI ™ standards have become the fastest growing, highly trusted solution that can support a growing need for products from the forest, as the drive to reduce carbon pollution and waste intensifies. We are working to shape markets today and ensure that sustainably managed forests will continue to play a crucial role in keeping the planet healthy. Choosing SFI-certified sustainable forest products is a great way to protect species, combat climate change, reduce plastic pollution, and protect water supplies.

Forest Management Standard: Certified organizations must practice responsible forestry on their lands and comply with the comprehensive forestry laws that apply to them in the United States and Canada. Mutual recognition with PEFC, CSA and ATFS. Learn more https://www.forests.org/forestmanagementstandard

Fiber Sourcing Standard: Unique to SFI, it governs how SFI Program Participants responsibly procure fiber from non-certified forest land. Learn more https://www.forests.org/fibersourcingstandard/

Chain of Custody: An accounting system that tracks forest fiber content (Certified forest content, certified sourcing and recycled content) through production and manufacturing to the end product. Learn more https://www.forests.org/chainofcustodystandard/

The value of forest certification: Supporting forest certification programs is one of the best things you can do for forests. SFI’s commitment to forests is exemplified by our standards, including our on-pack label, and by our work in conservation, community, and education. SFI is the only certification program that takes such a comprehensive approach to the dynamic values of our forests.

SFI Products are low risk: SFI’s standards are specific to the U.S. and Canada where forests are considered low risk for deforestation and activities like illegal logging. This means that our work, and the companies that support it, can focus on elevating the many benefits that come from forests

SFI is committed to forest research: The SFI standards require an investment in forest research making forests certified to SFI, North America’s largest living laboratory for conservation related research. We are the only standard that has this research requirement.

SFI is developing leaders in best forest management practices: SFI trains thousands of people each year to understand and practice better forestry practices and learn about the value of forests and the environment. SFI’s 34 SFI Implementation Committees and Project Learning Tree network are instrumental in these efforts.

Learn more at forests.org/standards.

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